Connect Tradeshow Attendees and Exhibitors

You Are Here is the industry's first sponsorship environment that is truly both 'exhibitor-centric' and 'attendee-centric'. It provides a communications environment for your attendees and exhibitors designed to not only to match them and to connect them - but to enable them to establish and maintain dialog. The combination of promotion and search available year round — integrated with social networking communication tools and devices — enables users to both continuously look for new partners and to stay in touch with existing ones.

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You Are Here on the Web is a system that gives every participating tradeshow exhibitor a 'micro-site' on your event's website site. As a promotional platform, it far exceeds anything currently offered by most events — it makes your show a strategic part of the exhibitor's overall marketing mix by integrating their own digital content and web site with the show's web site. The exhibitor's micro-site on your show's website gives that exhibitor a high-profile, high-traffic web environment that leverages relevant content, qualified viewers, search engine strategies and social networking tools to produce more leads and more traffic.

You Are Here is a true promotional platform, allowing your tradeshow exhibitors to attract qualified attendees with product images, videos and more at exactly the moment those prospects are most interested. The system provides each exhibitor with access and control over their own content — they can update it whenever they like throughout the year. You Are Here measurably increases qualified traffic to your exhibitors' booths and websites - and with comprehensive reporting - provides them the measurement tools they require to track usability, efficacy and real ROI data.

A sponsorship or advertising spend at your tradeshow provides exponentially more value than it would at other events.

  • A much stronger business case for participating at the show
  • Capture better sales leads and more sales leads
  • Establish relationships with prospects before the event
  • Increase qualified traffic to their tradeshow booth
  • Connect with customers and qualified prospects at the booth
  • Deepen relationships after the show
  • Increase qualified traffic to their website
  • Raise their own website's search ranking through back-links from your event.

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You Are Here is the tool tradeshow attendees use to identify and find the companies, products and services they need to meet on the tradeshow floor and on the show site — the system gives attendees easy access before, during and after your event.

With no invasive profiling requirements, attendees easily create an account - opt-in and opt-out of levels of involvement - and really use the system.

  • Discover the event through multiple search engines, socal media networks and exhibitor promotions
  • Experience the event through better front-ends to the show site
  • Attendee accounts to pre-plan and maximize their productivity at the event
  • Educate and inform themselves to prepare for the event
  • Make connections and network with others before and at the event
  • "Re-visit' the event after it's over.

Watch our video Adding Value to the Tradeshow and Increasing Exhibitors' ROI