Enhance the Attendee Experience - Add Value and Provide Exhibitor ROI

The single most important goal of all event managers is to provide all participants with a valuable experience.

Every thing they do — from every theme, to every action, to every detail - must be done with the goal of providing a truly valuable experience.

A recent industry survey of event executives revealed that creating value for participants was their most important goal — but so was cutting costs. With today’s economic environment weighing heavily on most industries, creating added value and staying relevant is especially difficult.

Watch our video: Adding Value, Increasing ROI and Enhancing the Event Experience.

Exhibitors are responding to their own situation by going to fewer shows, taking smaller booths or canceling going altogether.

Smaller travel budgets mean attendees are also going to fewer shows, sending fewer people and spending fewer days.

Retrenching, scaling back and lowering expectations does not add value. What does add value to events is to recognize that above all else - an event is for business. There is one thing common to a large trade show with thousands of exhibitors or a professional event for education, certification and networking.

Everyone is there to do business or to earn a living.

Organizations who truly understand this can add tremendous value, especially in bad economies, by addressing this imperative head-on and becoming more attendee and exhibitor relevant.

You Are Here builds solutions that enable membership organizations to provide value to their entire audience today - be they attendees, exhibitors, buyers or sellers. By providing technology and services that enhance the act of connecting, we

  • embrace and amplify the intentions of all participants;
  • satisfy the goals of their behaviors;
  • enhance the experience of the entire event and;
  • provide sustainable value to all parties involved.



For attendees, an enhanced experience is provided by enabling them to express their intent either ‘in the moment’ on the show floor, anytime on the web, or anywhere on their mobile devices.

You Are Here on the Floor provides attendees with the information they need exactly when and where they need it most.

Web tools lets attendees choose how, when — and if — to engage.

  • Decide what level of self-profiling they want to reveal – if any at all;
  • Research exhibitors pre-show by visiting their micro-sites anonymously or opt-in to set up appointments;
  • Plan agendas and decide beforehand how they will spend their time and maximize their productivity;
  • Social-network with Social Badges used to communicate with friends and colleagues – and even to exhibitors;
  • Recall and ‘revisit’ every booth they were scanned at with Crumb-Trails after the show.

You Are Here is both an experience and an environment that keeps the organization relevant to attendees well beyond the hall and well after the event.


For exhibitors, an enhanced experience is provided by enabling them to leverage their existing investments and activities that are core to the enterprise.

You Are Here provides an immersive, interactive environment that lets exhibitors:

  • Better integrate ‘events’ into their overall marketing mix;
  • Leverage creatives across multiple media types;
  • Extend the event beyond the booth, the venue and the week;
  • Realize longer, stronger amortization of advertising spending;
  • Self-provision control of content and delivery of messages;
  • Target attendees and measure results;
  • Embrace and deploy social networking;
  • Realize SEO benefits to their own websites;
  • Get more leads;
  • Get better-qualified leads;
  • Share an ongoing advertising and communications platform with attendees.

You Are Here is both an experience and an environment that keeps the organization relevant to exhibitors well beyond the expo and well after the event.

Deliver Value Now

The organization that provides an enhanced experience today is the organization that will be rewarded with loyalty tomorrow.

Watch our video Enhancing the Experience and Adding Value for your Attendees.