You Are Here Web: Web Based Map, Directory and Social Tools

You Are Here
is the World's most most effective interactive event map, directory, exhibitor sponsorship and audience development systems online, on the event floor and on mobile devices 

Event Marketing, Exhibitor Marketing, and Attendee Information all come together here on one unified platform. You Are Here integrates user-content, search, social, mobile and digital media into a unified, single-platform system.

From floorplan building and booth sales -- to an online map and directory -- to a rich-media advertising platform – to a collabortative community for all participants -- the system finally enables events to establish a relevant year-round presence. 

You Are Here represents a revolutionary new-media platform that can dramatically change the way you, your exhibitors - and your attendees - view sponsorships. You Are Here offers significantly more advertising options available to many more exhibitors at many different price-points.

You Are Here offers event organizers a strategic platform to update their business models, stay relevant in an era of rapidly changing media demands from its customers, and establish new, sustainable-growth revenue models.

The map, directory and media features of You Are Here can be deployed online, on-the-floor and on mobile.

Watch an Overview Video of here.

You Are Here builds on the foundation of an easy-to-use map, directory and sponsorship platform and establishes a rich-media environment that includes consumer-facing modules for both attendees and exhibitors. Easy-to-use interfaces online, onsite and on mobile devices provide a consistant multi-platform experience.

These additional options enable pre-show planning, self-provisioning advertising, search engine marketing, social networking, post-show analysis, and year-round directories.

You Are Here highlights include:

You Are Here includes Floor manager and the core Map, Directory and Advertising system.

Enhanced, rich-media advertising platform for exhibitors

  • Wide variety of digital promotion options with different price-points
  • Extend presence throughout the floor  - and well beyond the event
  • Leverages exhibitors' other digital marketing efforts and fits into a modern marketing mix

Click here to see what advertising options you can offer your exhibitors.

ShowStream is our social media dashboard.

Social Networking

  • Attendees use their own social network logins like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Use their profiles  - or not - from those networks
  • Follow event news, announcements, social buzz

Email Marketing

  • Exhibitors and attendees get access to our bulk email engine and design templates
  • Extend invitations to the event to their own lists of contacts, prospects custoimers and colleagues
  • Include Social Badges that link directly to their own event micro-sites or agendas
  • Extend the EventGraph to include the Social Graphs of all participants

Pre-show, online agenda planning for attendees

  •  Highlight companies, categories, speakers, sessions they don’t want to miss
  • Search for and connect with exhibitors before the event
  • Set alarms and alerts (great with Mobile option)
  • Environment for year-round community

Badges link directly to exhibitors’ and attendees’ online presence in the system

  • Custom-generated for website, email, newsletter distribution
  • Leverages every attendee and exhibitor to broadcast their presence at the event – and promote the event itself

Self-provisioning directory entry and promotion

  • Exhibitors each get access to build and maintain their own micro-site on the system
  • Populate their micro-site with their own language and images
  • Self-provision their advertising options on the system
  • Environment to maintain year-round community and generate leads

Crumb Trails are a post-show, online attendee reminder

  • Crumb-Trails creates a map and a list that shows attendees every booth they visited and had their badge scanned

Post-show reports

  • Organizers and Exhibitors get system usage reports to help calculate ROI and plan for next year

The Social Coach

  • Social Coach is the change agent assigned to each event.
  • Socail Coach assists organizers, exhibitors and attendees through webinars, demonstrations and emails.
  • The Coach provides consistent education and encouragement to accelerate adoption and usage.

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